How to Fix GE Refrigerator Error Codes? Quick Fixes

You don't always need a technician. Save bucks with our easy and simple DIY troubleshooting guide and explore how to fix GE refrigerator error codes.

GE refrigerators display some important error codes to indicate it’s not functioning properly. If you’re scratching your head wondering how to fix GE refrigerator error codes, you’re in the right place!

To fix GE refrigerator error code, press and hold the “System Check” button on control panel and do a reset. If the code remains, that’s either because any component is faulty or it’s a technical issue that requires troubleshooting. 

In this article, we are going to dive into diagnostics and teach you what the error codes depict and how you can wave them goodbye. So, stay tuned till the end.

How to Fix GE Refrigerator Error Codes? Quick Fixes

Common Error Codes For GE Refrigerators

“GE” is a premium brand under the General Electric (GE) umbrella that offers a range of high-end refrigerator models that are designed to offer advanced features, modern designs, and enhanced functionality compared to standard or regular refrigerators.

GE Profile refrigerators feature Smart Cooling Technology, include ice and water dispensers and are known for their energy efficiency. Therefore, the error codes on these premium models can be sophisticated to diagnose and effectively troubleshoot. 

Before we guide you how to fix them, let’s understand what each error code represents.

CCRefrigerator section too warmRefrigerator failing to maintain the optimum cold temperature for longer than 2 hours.
FFFreezer section not cold enoughFreezer can’t cool properly for more than 2 hours
PFPower fluctuation errorFridge power is off or not receiving enough
CIIce maker errorThe Ice Maker is unable to make ice.
DFDefrost MalfunctionDefrost system isn’t working for the last 48 hours
DEDefrost Error CodeMalfunctions in the Defrost Cycle for up to 24 hours

Please note that the meanings and causes of these error codes might slightly vary based on the specific model and series of your GE Profile refrigerator. Therefore, the exact troubleshooting requirements may also vary from model to model. 

How to Fix GE Refrigerator Error Codes? 

Although in many cases you may have to contact the GE customer care center or seek help from a professional technician for accurate troubleshooting, we can still give you a quick briefing on some basic DIY solutions you can perform by yourself.

How to Fix FF and CC Errors?

Both of these GE Error codes refer to  temperature issues inside the fridge and freezer, such as not cooling properly or temp feeling warmer than usual. Here are a list of things you should check: 

Check Door Gasket: If the refrigerator door seals are loose or damaged, it’s causing warm air and moisture from outside to sneak in and mess with the internal temperature of your appliance as the fridge door is not closing properly, leaving gaps. You should get it repaired or replaced right away.
Check Fridge Settings: Find the control panel board and check out the temperature settings. The internal temperature for the refrigerator compartments should not be set lower than 40°F or 4°C and the freezer temp should be 0°C or -1°C depending on the food contents inside. Adjust the temperature as required.
Clean The Back Unit: Often, the fridge struggles to maintain the optimum cold temperature if the condenser coils, fan blades, air vents, water drip pan etc. are smothered with dirt and debris. Therefore, perform a thorough cleaning using a vacuum or rugs.
Replace Damaged Parts: If the thermistor is faulty, your fridge will have temperature problems. Honestly, there’s nothing much you can do except for getting it replaced with a new one. If your appliance is covered under warranty, you can get it repaired for free.
Go For a Hard Reset: To perform a hard reset on a GE refrigerator, unplug it from the power source, wait for 5-10 minutes, and then plug it back in. This can help resolve complex temperature issues by fully resetting the saved temp settings, so you’ll have to adjust them from scratch afterwards.

How to Fix DE and DF Errors?

As mentioned earlier, both the error codes refer to problems with the defrost system. If your profile fridge has auto defrost cycle enabled and these error codes show up – it means that your refrigerator can’t defrost itself and you may have to defrost manually.

How to Defrost GE Refrigerator? 
Follow the steps below to defrost GE Refrigerator:
Turn Off The Refrigerator
Pull out the power cord and disconnect all power sources. 
Empty Contents
Remove all items from the fridge and place them in a cooler or another refrigerator if available. 
Open Doors
Keep the fridge and freezer doors open to allow the frost to melt. You can place towels around the base of the fridge to catch water runoff.
Wait For 30 Minutes
You can accelerate the defrosting process by placing a bowl of warm water in the freezer compartment. Close the door and let the steam loosen the ice buildup. Replace the warm water as needed.
Clean Mess
Use a plastic scraper to get rid of remaining icy chunks here and there. After all the ice has melted, wipe down the interior of the fridge and freezer with a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap. Rinse with a clean damp cloth and dry thoroughly.
Plug In 
Plug the refrigerator back in to the electric outlet and adjust the temperature control back to its default setting. Wait for the fridge to reach its optimum operating temperature. Generally a fridge takes 24 hours to get cold enough. 
Put Foods Back In
Once the fridge is cold, return the food items to their appropriate places. If the defrost error codes still show up even after a manual defrost, you should get the heater and thermostat diagnosed by an expert and replace if necessary. Perhaps the wires included in the defrost system are tangled or damaged, get that examined too.

How to Fix CI Error Code?

Want to get ice cubes to enjoy a chilled glass of coke but the ice maker isn’t functioning? Here’s a list of things you can try: 

Clean Ice Maker: The ice maker should be clean inside and should not be a graveyard of dead roaches and insects.
Eliminate Ice Build-ups: The ice dispenser could be blocked by chunks of ice, you’ll have to use a non-sharp object to get rid of the ice or melt the ice somehow.
Examine Water Supply Lines: The water pipes should be connected to your ice dispenser and shouldn’t be clogged. Inspect whether water does flow through the pipes or whether there are some obstructions inside the water pipes.
Repair or Replace: If all the three former steps didn’t come of any help, you should get in touch with an expert refrigerator repairman to assess the damage on your Ice Maker. Meanwhile, you can manually make ice cubes or buy bagged ice for the time being. 

How to Fix PF Error Code?

There are several reasons for why you’re seeing this PF code – either the fridge is not receiving enough power, the power cord is loosely connected or damaged, faulty extension cord (if any) or faulty power socket. Here’s what you should do: 

Inspect Power Cord: If the power cord is broken and worn out, carefully remove it and replace it with a new one. 
Check Electrical Socket: It’s difficult to self-diagnose unless you’re an electrician yourself. Common problems with electrical power sockets could include a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse, loose wiring, or a faulty socket itself. Whichever be it, you need to get the damaged socket repaired.

Other Error Codes For Standard GE Refrigerators

If you’re using an older model or regular GE refrigerators (and not a premium Profile fridge) then here are some additional error codes that you may encounter:

GE Profile Refrigerator E2 Error Code

Cause: Something’s wrong with the main control board

How to Fix: You should check the wires and cables connected to the main control panel board. You may also have to replace the whole thing.

Refrigerator or Freezer Display Error Code 88/89

Cause: It indicates communication issue between different components or sensors.

How to Fix: A power reset might help. Start by unplugging your appliance, wait for 5-10 minutes and then plug it back in. You should check all the wire harnesses, especially the ones associated with the main control board and display panel. Lastly, consult with the User Manual for specific troubleshooting codes regarding this particular error code.

Fridge or Freezer Temperature Sensor Error Codes 5A/5B/5C/5D

Cause: Technical problem with the sensor that monitors the internal temperature. 

How to Fix: Check the wiring connecting the sensor to the control board. Look for any loose, damaged, or disconnected wires. You might need to replace the temperature sensor itself. It’s better to contact a professional technician or the manufacturer’s customer support

Demo/Cooling Off Mode Error Code OF

Cause: Indicates that the refrigerator is in demo or showroom mode, meaning – the refrigerator’s cooling functions are disabled, and it’s used to showcase the appliance’s features in a store without actually cooling the interior.

How to fix: Turning demo mode off is easy. Find the control panel and go to Settings options to deactivate demo mode and turn on cooling functions.

Normal Operation Codes for Refrigerators

Often, people confuse the following codes as error codes whereas they are absolutely normal and don’t indicate problems: 

tC: If the temperature display shows a tC (may look like an upside down F with a C), it’s actually the Turbo Cool (tC) setting indicator.

tF: If the temperature display shows a tF (could look like an upside down F with an F), don’t worry it’s not an error code. It’s the Turbo Freeze (tF) setting indicator. 

Tips to Prevent GE Refrigerator Error Codes

Tips to Prevent GE Refrigerator Error Codes

It can be time-consuming to have to work out what an error code means and what you have to do to remove it. Here are some simple tips to help prevent error codes from showing on your GE refrigerator. 

Clean Regularly: Deep cleaning your fridge components like the door gasket, sensors, air vents etc. allows them to work properly. If your fridge has a water filter, clean it and replace it as recommended to ensure proper water flow.
Keep an Eye on Temp Settings: Make sure your fridge and freezer are set to the correct temperatures. You may once in a while test the temperature with a thermometer and see if it matches with the temperature reading on the thermostat inside your fridge.
Proper Storage and Organization: Storing food correctly is crucial. Otherwise, airflow will be obstructed and cold temperature will not circulate evenly throughout rather fluctuate. The compressor will also have to work harder, increasing your electricity bills.
Keep Fridge Door Closed as Much as Possible: Don’t unnecessarily open the fridge door frequently to prevent excess air from entering. Too much air in your fridge can cause the temperature to get too low, which will activate an error code.
Power Surges: Use surge protectors to guard against power surges, which can damage electronic components.
Defrosting: If you’ve a manual defrost fridge, regularly defrost it when the ice buildup gets around 1/4 inch thick to maintain cooling efficiency.
Good Ventilation: Ensure proper air circulation by not overloading the fridge with too much food inside. Also, leave extra space around the fridge for proper ventilation and to prevent overheating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe to Continue Using the Fridge With an Error Code Displayed?
It’s best to pay attention to error codes promptly to avoid potential problems. Depending on the severity of the problem, continuing to use the refrigerator could lead to food spoilage or further damage.
Error Code “HRS” is Displayed. What Does It Indicate?
“HRS” stands for “High Refrigerator Temperature Sensor.” Check the sensor, wiring, and connections. If needed, replace the sensor or seek professional help.
How Can I View the Error Codes on My GE Profile Refrigerator?
You can view error codes on the refrigerator’s display panel generally.
I See Error Code “E” Followed by a Number. What Should I Do?
An “E” followed by a number is a common format for refrigerator error codes. Check the User Manual booklet, you’ll find a list of such error codes and their meanings.
Where Can I Find Replacement Parts for My GE Profile Refrigerator?
You may find replacement parts through GE’s official website, authorized dealers, or appliance component retailers. You can also buy from eBay. 

Wrapping Up

Speaking from our long-term experience, a quick power reset works like magic when it comes to fixing GE refrigerator error codes related to temperature and defrost issues.

If the error code doesn’t disappear, your next step should be to check the fridge warranty. If it hasn’t expired yet, contact GE customer helpdesk and book a free servicing session. Otherwise, seek help from any local electrician for a proper assessment and then resolve the issues.