How much does a Refrigerator cost? Average Price in 2022

How much does a Refrigerator cost? What's the average price of a Refrigerator? We provide you with all the information you need to make a smart purchase.

Buying a refrigerator is a significant investment since it is one of those appliances you’ll use for years before replacing. So, when you are purchasing a new fridge for your home or apartment you might be wondering “How much does a Refrigerator cost?”. This article will discuss many factors that you will need to consider when purchasing a refrigerator; one such factor is the cost.

By knowing the average cost of a refrigerator, you will better understand what features to look for in different price ranges. This way, you can get a better bang for your buck and maximize the number of features you get. To help you understand what to expect when shopping for a refrigerator, we’ve compiled a list of the average prices for different types and price ranges.

What are the common Refrigerator types?

The refrigerator is a common household appliance. How much does a refrigerator cost depends on the type. There are many different types of refrigerators available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. To help you pick the right refrigerator type for your home, here’s a breakdown of the most common refrigerator types:

Compact (Mini) Refrigerators

Compact (Mini) Refrigerators

Compact refrigerators, as their name suggests, are very compact. This makes them an excellent choice for smaller homes and apartments. This refrigerator type usually offers much less storage space than a normal-sized option because of its compact size. Usually, compact refrigerators have one or two shelves for food storage and some extra door storage. 

Top-Freezer Refrigerators

Top-Freezer Refrigerators

Top-freezer refrigerators feature a refrigerator and a freezer compartment to provide ample storage space. The freezer is usually located above the refrigerator, but the opposite is true for bottom freezer refrigerators. However, this type is still only ideal for smaller families since other options like French door refrigerators offer more storage space. This fridge type is very commonly used since it tends to be cheaper and provides a good bang for the buck.

French Door Refrigerators

French Door Refrigerators

French door refrigerators are ideal for a larger family since they provide much more storage space. This type of refrigerator features a more pantry-style design with two doors for accessing the inside area. The inside area usually consists of refrigerator compartments and a freezer drawer. French door refrigerators typically offer more features than a top freezer refrigerator.

Side-by-side Refrigerators

Side-by-side Refrigerators

Side-by-side refrigerators are another higher-end option that offers a lot of storage space. This refrigerator type tends to have a larger freezer compartment size than the other types. It also boasts a two-doors design with a freezer on one side and a refrigerator on the other. You also get a bunch of shelves in each compartment, thanks to the larger size of side-by-side refrigerators.

How much does a Refrigerator cost? Average price of a Refrigerator?

Refrigerators can vary drastically in price, with some models being much more expensive than others. Let’s take a look at what features and fridge types you should expect to get in different price ranges so you can get a great deal: 

Refrigerators under $1000

A compact refrigerator should be your first pick if you are short on cash. Compact refrigerators usually only cost between $150 to $250. If you want more storage, then most top-freezer refrigerators can also be bought for under $1000. You may even be able to get a french door refrigerator in this price range if you are lucky enough to score one on sale.

Refrigerators between $1000 and $1500

You can easily find a high-end top freezer refrigerator in a price range of $1000 to $1500. You can also find a good quality side-by-side refrigerator for under $1500 with all the essential features. You should expect to get ample storage space and an internal climate control feature in your new refrigerator for this price. 

Refrigerators between $1500 and $3000

Now we are coming to the premium options. By going over the $1500 mark, you can expect to get many modern features such as a touch-screen and see-through doors depending on the product you choose. The refrigerator types you will come across the most in this price range are french door refrigerators and side-by-side refrigerators. 

Refrigerators over 3000$

If you want to give yourself a treat, you should go for a high-end refrigerator from a premium brand such as Sub-Zero or Thermador, which will cost you over $3000. This high price tag means that you get a lot of features, such as climate control and ice or water dispensers. Most premium refrigerators can also be customized in terms of appearance and functionality to best fit your preferences. 

What is the difference between inverter and non-inverter Refrigerator prices?

Generally speaking, an inverter refrigerator would cost you more than a standard one. This is because an inverter fridge, unlike a non-inverter model, can vary its speed of operations, depending on the amount of load inside and the temperatures outside. By utilizing minimum amounts of energy to keep itself optimally cool, an inverter refrigerator would help you save money in the future.

Price difference between inverter and non-inverter Refrigerator

An inverter refrigerator is a more expensive model that runs off of electricity instead of gas. They usually have a more extended warranty and are more energy-efficient than a regular refrigerator. Non-inverter refrigerators use gas to run, and they are cheaper than inverters.

Final Thoughts

Refrigerators come in a wide variety of designs and with many different features. This makes it challenging to come up with a single average refrigerator cost. Hopefully, this refrigerator blog post will shed some light on refrigerator average cost and what features you should expect to get in different price ranges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a fridge last?
Fridge life spans vary depending on the model, but typically they will last anywhere from 1 to 3 years. The life expectancy of a fridge depends on how often it is used and how clean it is kept.
What type of refrigerator is cheapest?
Looking for a refrigerator that’s both affordable and energy-efficient? A bottom-less refrigerator might be the answer to your question.
What is a good price for a new fridge?
A reasonable price for a new fridge can vary depending on the size, features, and brand. It is essential to compare prices and ensure you are getting the best deal.