How to Turn off Samsung Refrigerator Without Unplugging? Easy Guide

Going for a long vacation? Learn how to turn off Samsung refrigerator without unplugging in this A-Z guide. Turn off your fridge cooling system and save energy.

In this modern age, it’s unimaginable to live a day without our precious refrigerator! However, there may be occasions when you actually need to turn off your Samsung refrigerator temporarily without unplugging it. 

Usually, a fridge can be turned off by pressing the ‘Power Button’ or the ‘Power Cool’ Button on the control panel of your fridge.

Whether you’re deep cleaning, performing maintenance, or going on an extended vacation, it’s crucial to know how to do this correctly to avoid food spoilage and ensure energy efficiency.

In today’s step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of how to turn off Samsung refrigerator without unplugging. If you stick with us till the end, we’ll provide you some exclusive and super useful tips as a bonus reward. 

How to Turn off Samsung Refrigerator Without Unplugging? Full Guide

Why You Might Want to Turn Off Your Refrigerator Temporarily?

Okay, so when may you have to turn off the fridge without having to pull out its power cord? Here are certain common occasions:

Cleaning: Deep cleaning your refrigerator is more accessible when it’s not running. To thoroughly clean the interior of the refrigerator, including shelves, drawers, and walls, it’s best to turn it off temporarily. This allows you to remove all items and access hard-to-reach areas for a deep cleaning.
Maintenance and Repairs: When performing maintenance tasks or making repairs to the refrigerator, it’s crucial to turn it off to ensure safety. This will ensure you don’t accidentally come into contact with moving parts or electrical components.
Extended Vacation or Absence: If you’re going on an extended vacation or will be away from home for an extended period, turning off the refrigerator can help save energy and reduce electricity bills. This is particularly useful if the fridge will remain empty during your absence.
Reducing Energy Consumption: In some cases, individuals might want to temporarily turn off their refrigerator to conserve energy, especially if they have a secondary fridge that’s not in frequent use. By doing so, they can reduce their carbon footprint and lower electricity costs.
Defrosting: Samsung refrigerators may require occasional defrosting to remove ice buildup in the freezer compartment. Turning off the refrigerator allows the ice to melt naturally, and you can then clean and dry the freezer before turning it back on.

Preparing Samsung Fridge For a Temporary Shut Down

Refrigerators have to be dealt with utmost care and attention. Before you turn it off, it’s important to prepare your fridge first.

You need to disassemble Samsung refrigerator drawers. Take out all foods and beverages. All perishable items should be transferred to a cooler or another refrigerator if available.
Store those perishable foods in sealed airtight containers made up of durable food-graded material.
Since you’re turning off the fridge for cleaning or maintenance, take this opportunity to clean all the interior surfaces, including shelves, drawers, and walls. Use a mild detergent and warm water.
Clean the back unit as well. It could be infested with bugs and roaches. Use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate dust, debris, food crumbs and other particles.

How to Turn Off Samsung Refrigerator Without Unplugging?

Now that your refrigerator is all set to be turned off after an exclusive prep-up, go ahead and follow these instructions in order.

turning off samsung refrigerator
Make sure your Samsung refrigerator is standing upright and not laid on its side. Also, the power cord should be plugged into an electric outlet.
Access the Control Panel
Open the refrigerator door and locate the control panel. There you’ll find the option to turn your fridge off temporarily. Depending on the model, you can find the control panel in different locations, but it’s typically located on the inside of the refrigerator near the top, or on the front panel near the water and ice dispenser. 
Locate “Power Cool Off” Button
Search for a button labeled “Power Cool” or “Power Freeze” on the control panel. This button is typically used to quickly cool or freeze items, but it can also be used to turn off the cooling system temporarily.
Press and Hold Buttons
Press and hold the “Power Cool” or “Power Freeze” button for approximately 3 to 5 seconds. You should hear a chime or see an indicator light to confirm that the cooling system is turned off. This will stop the compressor from running while keeping the lights and other essential functions on.

What is Demo Mode on Samsung Refrigerator?

Samsung Refrigerator Demo Mode is a feature designed to showcase the refrigerator’s features and functions in a retail showroom during demonstrations. When activated, it simulates normal refrigerator operations without actually cooling or freezing the contents. 

The Demo Mode disables the cooling system in your refrigerator, freezer, and ice maker and will save energy when you’re away on your trip or vacation. If you don’t want the hassle of having to unplug your fridge, you can simply turn on Demo Mode on your Samsung refrigerator. 

Just a heads up – You can’t store any foods and drinks in the fridge during demo mode as they will spoil if it’s left activated for an extended period of time.

How To Enable Demo Mode On Samsung Family Hub Model?

If you have a Smart Samsung Refrigerator, you can turn on Demo mode from the Family Hub Screen:

  • On your Family Hub panel, navigate to Apps, and open the Fridge Manager app.
  • Tap Fridge Settings, and then tap Cooling Off.
  • Tap Deactivate or Activate, and then tap Proceed.
  • Cooling Off mode will activate, and “OFF” will appear in the Fridge Manager app

How to Enable Demo mode on Samsung Convertible Refrigerator?

How to Enable Demo mode on Samsung Convertible Refrigerator?

Your convertible refrigerator supports the Demo Mode as well. 

In order to activate it, you have to press and hold three different buttons simultaneously at a time. Those are the Temperature, Power Freeze, and Lock buttons. 

Press and hold them until you hear your fridge chime. If Demo Mode has been activated successfully, “oF” will appear on the display screen.

How to Turn On Demo Mode On Samsung BESPOKE Series?

To enable Demo Mode on your Bespoke Samsung Model, locate the control panel first.

Next, press and hold the < and > buttons simultaneously for six seconds. Then, press the O button to confirm enabling of the mode.

How To Switch Off Circuit Breaker of Samsung Refrigerator?

Let’s say you can’t locate the Power Button on your Samsung fridge control panel. Sadly, you couldn’t activate the demo mode either. Should you feel disheartened? 

Nope, absolutely not. You can still turn off your Samsung fridge without unplugging it, simply by flicking off the circuit breaker at the back. Here’s what you need to do:

Locate the Circuit Breaker: Find the circuit breaker box in your home or kitchen. It’s usually a gray metal box mounted on a wall or in a utility room.
Identify the Correct Breaker: Look for the circuit breaker labeled for the refrigerator or kitchen appliances. It might be labeled “Refrigerator,” “Kitchen,” or something similar.
Switch Off the Breaker: Carefully flip the switch for the refrigerator’s circuit breaker to the “OFF” position.

And voila! All done. To confirm whether it was successful or not, check the refrigerator’s lights. If the lights are turned off, that means there’s no power reaching the appliance.

How to Turn Samsung Refrigerator On?

Turning on a Samsung refrigerator is a fairly easy process. When you’re ready to reactivate your refrigerator and kickstart cooling your foods, follow these simple steps:

1. Locate the Power Button: The power button is typically located on the control panel of your Samsung refrigerator. Depending on your specific model, the control panel can be on the inside near the top or on the front panel, near the water and ice dispenser.
2. Press and Hold the Power Button: Press and hold the power button (usually around 5 seconds). This action will activate the refrigerator’s cooling system, and the appliance will start cooling.
3. Deactivate Demo Mode: If you had turned on demo mode on your fridge, you need to turn it off. For a general refrigerator, press and hold “Power Freeze” and “Filter Reset” buttons at the same time until you hear a chime.

If you have a Family Hub model, then open ‘Fridge Manager’ app, go to ‘Fridge Settings’, click on ‘Cooling off Deactivate’ and then tap ‘Proceed.’ 
4. Monitor Temperature: After turning on the refrigerator, it may take some time to reach the desired cooling temperature. You can monitor the temperature inside the fridge and freezer compartments using the built-in temperature displays or with an external thermometer to ensure they are cooling properly.
5. Adjust Settings: Depending on your needs, you can adjust the temperature settings using the control panel. Typically, you’ll find buttons or controls to set the fridge and freezer temperatures.

You can select the default setting of 4 or set the temperature between 37-40°F for the refrigerator compartments and 0°C for the freezer section. 
6. Allow Time to Cool: It may take a few hours for the refrigerator to reach its optimal cooling temperature. It’s better to wait for 24 hours. During this time, avoid opening the refrigerator door frequently to allow it to cool efficiently.

That’s it! Your Samsung refrigerator should now be turned on and cooling your food and beverages effectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have responded to some of your frequently asked questions below. If you still have some confusions, go for a quick reading to clear the fog!

Can I Turn Off Specific Features Like the Ice Maker or Freezer Section Without Unplugging the Entire Refrigerator?

Well, yes, some Samsung models do allow you to disable specific features like the ice maker or freezer independently. Check your User Manual booklet for more specific instructions. 

Will Turning Off My Samsung Refrigerator Affect Its Performance?

No, turning off your refrigerator when not in use should not affect its performance. It’s a good energy-saving practice.

How Do I Turn My Samsung Refrigerator Back on After It’s Been Powered Off?

To turn your refrigerator back on, press and hold the power or on/off button again. It may take a few moments to restart.

Final Thoughts 

Knowing how to turn off your Samsung refrigerator temporarily without unplugging is essential for maintenance, cleaning, and energy-saving purposes. Follow the steps outlined in this guide, and you’ll be able to manage your refrigerator efficiently while ensuring your food stays fresh and your energy bills stay low.

But don’t forget to consult your refrigerator’s user manual for model-specific instructions and safety precautions to be safe than sorry.