How To Reset Magic Chef Mini Fridge? 7 Easy Steps

Can't figure out how to reset magic chef mini fridge? Come join us and explore how to troubleshoot and reset your magic chef appliance in 7 easy-peasy steps.

Imagine reaching for a cold soda on a hot day to discover it’s warm. If your Magic Chef Mini Fridge isn’t cooling effectively, it may need a reset.  

Disconnect and reconnect your Magic Chef Mini Fridge to reset it. If it still doesn’t cool, you need to perform a proper reset.

Unsure how to reset magic chef mini fridge? We’ll guide you through the proper reset process in this article. Let’s get started!

How To Reset Magic Chef Mini Fridge? 7 Step Guide

How Do You Know if Magic Chef Mini Fridge Needs a Reset?

Refrigerators are pretty complicated appliances – it can be quite tricky to understand exactly when your mini fridge needs a reset or should it be replaced instead. 

Resetting the fridge is a very common troubleshooting hack that gets rid of a lot of common everyday problems such as not cooling issues, weird buzzing noises, etc. Here’s a brief overview of all the signs and common issues that will indicate it’s high time to give your Magic Chef fridge a quick reset and bring it back to life: 

Warm Internal Temperature: Your refrigerator isn’t cool properly? Most Magic Chef refrigerators have a default temperature setting of ‘4’. Check the control board panel to see what the temperature is set at. If it’s lower than 40°F and the inside of the fridge feels like room temperature, you should definitely do a reset to adjust the temperature settings. 
Excessive Moisture: Lately, have you been noticing a high amount of condensation on the food packaging and moisture on the soda cans and bottles more than usual? This might be an indication to reset your mini fridge as soon as possible.
Build Up of Ice: If you notice a thin or thick layer of frost in the freezer compartment, it’s a clear indication of requiring manual defrosting. And what better way could there be for defrosting your mini fridge than resetting your appliance!
Overheating: If the rear side of your refrigerator feels extremely hotter than usual, that means your fridge compressor is generating too much heat because of overworking. A reset will allow the machine to relax and cool down.
Strange Noises: Do you hear some kind of snoring noises when you’re home alone? Now, don’t worry, your house is not haunted, it’s probably your refrigerator compressor making such loud buzzing noises because of running continuously without taking any breaks. Therefore, you need to reset your Magic Chef refrigerator compressor to eliminate the irritating noises.
Increased Energy Bills: Has your mini fridge all of a sudden begun to consume twice or thrice the amount of energy than usual? Perhaps because your fridge compressor is working overtime and thus using up more power in order to maintain cold air circulation and steady internal temperature.
Food Wastage & Stinky Odor: Is your perishables inside the fridge perishing too quickly? What we mean to say is – are your foods spoiling early and unexpectedly even though the expiry date is far away? Well, it’s mainly because of the fluctuating internal temperature that isn’t cold enough to preserve your perishables for longer. Resetting your fridge will allow you to adjust the temperature from the beginning.
Defective Components: Sometimes, the setting buttons on the control panel may become unresponsive. No matter how much or how harder you keep pressing those buttons, there’s no response whatsoever. Moreover, one or more internal components of the Magic Chef refrigerator may be malfunctioning because of technical issues, causing your fridge to stop working properly. A reset might just be the thing to get your appliance back on its feet running smoothly. 

How To Reset Magic Chef Mini Fridge in 7 Easy Steps?

Now that you’ve understood why and when you should reset your fridge, let’s dive into the step-by-step guide.

how to reset magic chef mini fridge
Follow these 7 simple guidelines to reset a Magic Chef fridge successfully:
Empty Your Fridge
Yes, remove all the contents of your fridge and take out the shelves, trays and drawers as well (if they’re removable and not fixed in place). 
Change Temperature
After you’ve completely emptied your fridge, now set the thermostat dial to ‘0’ from ‘4’. The location of the temperature dial varies from model to model, but it’s more likely to be somewhere around the back. To save time, you can quickly look up in the User Manual Booklet.
Cut Off Power Supply
Now, pull out the power cord from the electric wall outlet and switch the circuit breaker off.
Time For a Break
No, not for you, the break time is for your fridge. You should allow it at least 10-15 minutes for the residue power to dissipate and for the fridge to settle down and shut down properly.
Reset Temperature Dial
After 15 minutes have passed, change the temperature dial from “0” to “OFF” so that you can set the internal temperature again from scratch after restarting the unit. 
Reconnect Your Fridge
Okay, so your refrigerator is done taking a power nap. It’s time to awaken it. Simply plug in the power cord back to the electric power socket. Also, don’t forget to switch on the circuit breaker. 
Adjust the Temperature
Congratulations! Your refrigerator is now reset. If you could hear a slight buzzing vibration from the fridge compressor, that indicates a successful reset. Now, the only thing left to do is to set the temperature control according to your liking. 

Is There a Magic Chef Mini Fridge Reset Button?

Is There a Magic Chef Mini Fridge Reset Button

Right, wouldn’t have things been much easier only if there was a quick button for resetting? With just one finger press, your mini fridge would be reset within a split second! Well, this is not only possible in our dreams, some modern high-end refrigerators do have a reset button for easy troubleshooting. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t any reset button on the Magic Chef refrigerators yet as of today. Hence, you’ll have to reset your appliance manually every time by following the 7 steps above.

Things To Keep in Mind When Resetting Your Magic Chef Mini Fridge

If you’re not careful about certain things when resetting your fridge, you might have to spend extra bucks on repair services later on. Therefore, it’s better to be cautious and safe beforehand than sorry.

Make sure your fridge is standing upright when you’re trying to reset it. It shouldn’t be laying on its side.
After resetting and making adjustments to the temperature, you should wait for at least 24 hours so that your fridge can get to the optimum cold temperature before you can put your foods back in.
Make sure to set the temperature for your fridge compartments at 4°C and 0°C for your freezer section.
While your refrigerator is taking a power nap of 10-15 minutes after you pull out the power cord, you should do a quick clean up of the trays, shelves, the back of the unit and all other exposed surfaces to make good use of the time. 
While your refrigerator recovers for the next 24 hours, keep your perishable foods in airtight boxes, sealed containers and coolers to keep them fresh till then.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is There a Reset Button on a Magic Chef Mini Fridge?
Sorry to say, but no. There isn’t any dedicated reset button feature. You’ll have to reset your mini fridge manually. Simply empty your fridge, disconnect your appliance from its power source and rest it for around 15-20 minutes. Reconnect the power afterwards and your fridge should have been reset.
Is Magic Chef an American Brand or Chinese? 
Magic Chef is a well-reputed American brand that has been manufacturing durable, premium-quality kitchen appliances since 1929. 
Who Owns the Magic Chef Company?
Magic Chef brand was founded by Charles A. Stockstrom. But currently the company is owned by Whirlpool after they bought Maytag. 
Are Magic Chef Mini Fridges Worth it? 
Yes, Magic Chef Mini fridges are designed using durable and good-quality materials that make them long-lasting. With regular care and high maintenance, you can make these mini fridges last anywhere between 7-10 years easily.
Why Has My Magic Chef Mini Fridge Stopped Working?
There could be several possible reasons for why your mini fridge may have stopped working – damaged door gasket, faulty fridge compressor, refrigerator door doesn’t close all the way, air vents and condenser coils are covered with dust and debris, motor fan blades are frosty, faulty electric power socket, defective thermostat, etc. You should ask a professional technician to come over and perform a proper diagnosis of all the problems and troubleshoot accordingly.
Does the Magic Chef Mini Fridge Red Button reset or defrost the appliance?
No, the red button on your Magic Chef mini fridge is not there for resetting purposes. It’s for defrosting the freezer compartment. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds and it will activate the defrost cycle.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for today, friends! If your Magic Chef refrigerator is still malfunctioning even after a successful reset, perhaps any of the internal components have become faulty and need repairing or replacing. You can contact the Magic Chef Customer Support Center, if your refrigerator has a valid warranty, you may get a free repair service by their licensed expert technicians. 

Before we part ways, one last piece of advice – do regular clean-ups of your mini fridge. With special care and maintenance, you won’t need to shed money on frequent repairs when the warranty gets expired.