How to Change Flex Zone on Samsung Refrigerator? Step-by-step Guide

How to change flex zone on Samsung refrigerator? Learn from our step-by-step guide and discover easy and effective methods to optimize your refrigerator.

The latest Samsung French Door refrigerator models have been trending in our hearts since they launched a unique spectacular feature, the Flex Zone Technology.

The Samsung Flex Zone Drawer can be used just the way you want and will keep fresh whatever you want to store it. Its high flexibility, convenience of use, and personalization options have left us in awe of this technology.

However, we’ve noticed that many people are confused about how to change flex zone on Samsung refrigerator after purchasing it. We also received hundreds of questions on operating the Flex Zone Drawer co-control panel.

Well, we decided to come up with this article to answer all your questions regarding the new Samsung Flex Zone, but first, let’s familiarize ourselves with what exactly this Flex Zone technology is.

How to Change Flex Zone on Samsung Refrigerator? With Complete Guidelines.

What is Flex Zone in Samsung Refrigerator?

What is Flex Zone in Samsung Refrigerator?

If you have seen the latest Samsung 4-Door Flex Refrigerators, you will notice that these refrigerators have no door handles and are divided into four single compartments – two on the top and the other two beneath. 

The bottom of this Samsung French Door Refrigerator is what makes it stand out the most. It’s divided into two sections –  one compartment that always works as a freezer, and the other one is labeled as the ‘flex zone’ – meaning it can be used both ways – as a freezer or as an extra space for refrigeration (along with the top two refrigerant compartments). 

This unique flex zone drawer can be customized to various temperature settings to suit your needs. You can store anything in this special compartment – from cooked meals, deli/snacks, fruits, vegetables, raw meat, and fish to drinks and beverages.

In the upcoming paragraph, we will shed more light on the different Samsung Flex Zone Temperature regulation options, so keep scrolling to find out more.

Samsung Refrigerator Flex Zone Settings

This technology offers you a wide range of Samsung Flex zone Drawer Temperature options, and you can refrigerate, chill, freeze, or soft-freeze your food and drink. P.S. . – Never put glass bottles or any glass containers in this flex zone compartment if you’ve selected either of the temperature modes – ‘freeze’ or ‘soft freeze’.)

For instance, if you want to store chilled drinks in the flex zone, you can select the ‘Beverage’ mode, and the temperature will be automatically set at 4°C. Next, you can select the ‘Fruits & Veggies’ mode to set the temperature to 2°C / 36°F. You should not store any non-produced food items in this temperature setting.

Afterward, the third mode is the ‘Meat & Fish,’ where the temperature can be set at -1°C, which is perfect for preserving raw meat and poultry for as long as 5-7 days and preventing them from spoiling quickly.

Furthermore, when you select the ‘Soft-freeze’ temperature mode to store, let’s say, some fresh blueberries, ice cream, butter, cheese or processed frozen snacks, or canned products in general, the temperature will be changed to -5°C or 23°F. At this stage, your foods won’t be completely frozen but will be slightly colder than the rest of the refrigerant compartments.

Lastly, if you want to absolutely freeze any perishables, you can, in that case, select the ‘freeze’ mode, and the temperature will be maintained between -23°C and -15°C (-8°F and 5°F). You can especially go for this temp mode if you must preserve raw fish and meat for longer than a week.

The Flex Zone section allows you to freely regulate the temperature settings and adjust the shelves to accommodate different-sized items. For instance, the shelves can be slid in and out to store taller stuff.

Oh, not to mention, inside the Samsung Flex Zone compartment, you will also come across the ‘Flex Crisper drawer. There are only two temperature settings available for this specific drawer – ‘Fridge’ and ‘Meat/Fish. 

If you select the ‘Fridge’ option, the temperature will be maintained between 1°C – 6°C in alliance with the rest of the refrigerator. In the Flex Crisper Drawer, you can store all sorts of liquids, snacks, cheese, fresh fruits, veggies, etc.. On the contrary, if you select the second option, you can store meat and poultry in the drawer, which will stay fresh for 5-7 days, and the internal temperature will be kept at -1°C.

How to Change Flex Zone on Samsung Refrigerator?

Well, selecting and operating different temperature settings will become easy if you follow our simple instructions step-by-step:

How to Change Flex Zone Temperature Mode?
Let’s walk you through the simple steps to change the Samsung Flex Zone settings.
Open Flex Zone Compartment
You’ll find the control panel as a square-shaped touchpad in the bottom right corner. 
Activate the LED Display
Touch or tap anywhere on the control pad with your finger to activate the LED display.
Navigate to Flex Zone
Now, press < or > until it displays ‘Flex Zone’ on the screen.
Flex Zone Setting Options
Then press the ‘O’ button in the middle to see what Flex Zone setting options are available. 
Select Temperature Mode
Press < or > to choose your desired temperature mode (i.e. freeze/soft freeze, etc.)
Confirm Settings Changes
Finally, tap on the ‘O’ button in the middle to confirm your preferred setting, and then you’re ready.

Now, if you’re confused regarding how to change the temperature settings specifically for the Flex Crisper drawer inside the Flex Zone compartment, you can follow these easy steps to guide you: 

Open your fridge; on the right side, you’ll find the control panel (square-shaped).
Keep pressing < or > until you see ‘Flex Crisper’ pop up on the display screen. Once it does, select the ‘O’ button to proceed further. 
You’ll be presented with all the different temperature settings available; you can view them all with the help of these left and right keys (< or >). 
Once you’ve decided, press the O button to confirm. 

Please note that the temperature mode you select specifically and separately for the Flex Crisper Drawer will not affect or be affected by the internal temperature of the rest of the Flex Zone Compartment.

Maintenance Tips for the Flex Zone on Samsung Refrigerator

Maintain a Regular Maintenance Program: Use mild detergent solutions for wiping surfaces, shelves, and drawers regularly – any harsh cleaners could potentially harm their interior and should be avoided at all costs!
Check Your Door Seal: Regularly check the door seal to inspect for signs of damage or wear; an airtight seal is crucial in maintaining temperature and energy efficiency in Flex Zone environments.
Defrost as Needed: If ice or frost forms on the Flex Zone, follow the defrosting instructions provided in its user manual to defrost.


Decades ago, it’d have been unimaginable to think you could store raw fish and meat in the same compartment where you can refrigerate fruit and veggies. The Samsung Flex Zone technology has made it happen by offering different temperature settings for different categories of foods to make our daily food storage and consumption much more convenient. 

We believe you’re now clear on how to change the flex zone on your Samsung refrigerator. With our simple yet important guidelines, you can easily take advantage of these varieties of Flex Zone settings if you own a Samsung Flex-Zone refrigerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Temperature Range Is Available for the Flex Zone?
The temperature range for the Flex Zone can vary depending on the specific Samsung refrigerator model. However, it typically ranges from around -8°F (-22°C) to 41°F (5°C).
How Long Does It Take for the Flex Zone to Reach the New Temperature After Adjustment?
The time required for the Flex Zone to reach the new temperature may vary based on factors such as the initial temperature, the surrounding environment, and the amount of food stored inside. Generally, the compartment can take a few hours to stabilize at the new temperature.
Is it necessary to empty the Flex Zone before changing the temperature?
It is not necessary to empty the Flex Zone before changing the temperature. However, if you are planning to switch the mode from refrigerator to freezer or vice versa, it is recommended to remove any items that may be affected by the temperature change.
Can I use the Flex Zone as a regular refrigerator or freezer instead of switching modes?
You can use the Flex Zone as a regular refrigerator or freezer without switching modes. Simply set the temperature to your desired cooling or freezing level and use it accordingly.
What should I do if I am unable to change the Flex Zone temperature on my Samsung refrigerator?
If you are experiencing difficulties changing the Flex Zone temperature, refer to the troubleshooting section of your Samsung refrigerator’s user manual. If the issue persists, it is recommended to contact Samsung customer support for further assistance or to schedule a service appointment.